This page provides a summary of my various extensive experiences to date.

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Academic Studies

I am a 1+3 PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). My research studies management and governance of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Prior to my PhD studies, I undertook a Master's degree in research in management (MRes in Management) through which I received training in both qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as the underlying research philosophies. My MRes dissertation investigated and mapped the entrepreneurship support organisations in Glasgow.

I also hold an undergraduate MA with First Class Honours in Business & Management. In my undergraduate dissertation, I studied the role of gender in how business angels evaluate investment opportunities.

Overall, my university studies equipped me with a broad understanding of all functional areas in business along with a range of transferable skills and competencies, particularly critical thinking, developing and presenting arguments, analysing information, and conducting research independently.



Professional Experience

I have been building my employment history since I started my university studies. Firstly, during my placement at Scottish Development International, which is the internationally focused arm of the government's development agency Scottish Enterprise, I prepared a strategically important publication which helps market Scottish companies to aid-funded business donour organisations. Secondly, my summer internship at 4J Studios/Tayforth Consulting organised by the Saltire Foundation challenged my ability to work independently and be resourceful. Thirdly, during my roles of a (senior) intern at the Scottish Institute for Enterprise and a Graduate Skills Programme lead tutor, I was given significant autonomy in terms of the delivery of the work I was tasked with which has put my organisational skills to the test and made me more confident about my abilities. I have also become more adaptable as I have experienced working in a dynamic environment with a lot of uncertainty.

Most recently, I worked in a small team at Entrepreneurial Scotland to deliver the prestigious executive education programme, The Saltire Fellowship Programme, which is a six month leadership and entrepreneurship development programme for future leaders of Scotland. This was a tremendous opportunity which massively improved my organisational, time management, and customer care skills and gave me the opportunity to study leadership and entrepreneurship at Babson College for two weeks as well as to visit the most impressive start-up companies in Silicon Valley.



Entrepreneurship Experience

Throughout my studies, I have been involved in numerous entrepreneurship-related extra-curricular and work-related experiences through which I came to the realisation that I enjoy applying entrepreneurial thinking to solve problems. Additionally, having led a winning team in the inaugural Product Forge hackathon, I have decided to actively pursue other entrepreneurial activities and education and I have been a member of Entrepreneurial Scotland, initially as a Future Leader and now as an Emerging Member, since 2015.

Furthermore, I was selected to participate in the inaugural summer school of the highly selective Scotland Can Do Ambitious Leadership and Entrepreneurship (SCALE) Programme in August 2015. I was placed in the Can Do track and was taught by Bill Aulet from MIT and Noam Wasserman from Harvard. Our classes were based on Bill's Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework/book and Noam's Founder's Dilemma book.

Due to my high-profile engagement in enterprise activities on campus, I was invited as the only student to join the university-wide steering group for the Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2015/16 which coordinated events and other activities that promoted and celebrated entrepreneurship.

During my time at Entrepreneurial Scotland, I worked on the delivery of the 2017/18 Saltire Fellowship Programme. Through this role, I had a fantastic opportunity to attend entrepreneurship & leadership executive education classes at Babson College, Boston for 2 weeks. This experience was then followed by a week long learning journey to Silicon Valley. We visited a range of great companies, namely Intel, Lever, Top Tier Capital Partners, Better Ventures, QB3, Illumina, GBx and Rocketspace, Coherent, LinkedIn, Jabil, Google, and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.



Teaching Experience

I have extensive experience with delivering and facilitating interactive workshops through my role as the Graduate Skills Programme (GSP) Lead Tutor and Administrator in the College of Social Sciences Employability Team as well as through my involvement in Induction Sessions for first year undergraduate students in the College.

As a GSP Lead Tutor and Administrator, I co-deliver and facilitate interactive employability workshops whilst presenting complex information to up to 45 students from diverse backgrounds. Also, I regularly provide in-depth, constructive feedback on students’ personal and professional development portfolios and provide personalised guidance to help them better articulate their skills and competencies. Additionally, I contribute to the ongoing development of the Programme by evaluating its effectiveness and recommending improvements.

Also, I have experience with delivering MA (Honours) Induction Sessions for first year undergraduate students which includes running interactive activities, facilitating discussion with a large audience, and presenting key information.



Volunteering & Extra-Curricular Activities

Furthermore, I have been involved in numerous extra-curricular activities, for example business competitions, societies, and volunteering. My most notable achievement is starting and leading an award-winning youth employability project for young disadvantaged people under Enactus Glasgow. As a result, I have become an experienced collaborator who works in teams effectively. Following on my leadership role in the project, I stepped down after one year but I continued supporting the team in a mentoring role. I then join the board of the society in my role of the Corporate Relations Executive in which I managed our professional mentors and advisors.